As an independent commodity trading house with active interests in mine operations and production facilities, IGR is a marketer and trader that provides innovative products and bulk supply chain solutions worldwide.



Over time IGR has positioned itself as a timely and cost-effective provider of different grades and sizes of coal and coke from the best producing regions in the world.


IGR is a marketer and supplier of the following types of coke: Metallurgical coke | Semi coke | Petroleum coke

Metals & Minerals

IGR’s advantage is our diverse international network of supply partners. We have interests in a range of mining assets across the continents.


IGR has a strong foothold within the construction sector in the Asia. We are able to come up with innovative ways of delivering construction commodities to our client’s door step.


IGR is able to procure and supply agricultural commodities to most countries around the globe from cost-effective regions.


IGR is a marketer and supplier of a diverse range of chemicals to its customers mainly in the mining industry.

Other Bulk Commodities

IGR is a Guar Gum marketer and supplier. IGR guar gum is packaged in 25 kg or 50 kg bags as well as in bulk bags that can carry up to 1 metric ton of guar gum.

Mining Wear Parts

IGR is a marketer, distributor and supplier of a diverse range of wear parts used predominantly in the mining industry and in processing metals and minerals.


IGR understands that our operations could have health, safety & environment (“HSE”) impact on the people involved in its supply chain activities.
IGR is conscious of our peoples (employees & contractors) health and safety.


IGR has a global team, but it feels like a family. We work together and share the same passion – to make a positive difference in the world by pioneering global supply.


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